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Being a potter in the Neolithic
Children Workshops

The challenge will be to transform a lump of “clay” into a small container, utilizing prehistoric techniques.

Archaeology in your hands
Children Workshops

The youngsters are invited to participate in the archaeological excavation of a roman domus, and to find artefacts such as ceramic pieces, mosaics, bronze sculptures...

Poseidipos - come meet the mascot of the Museum!
Children Workshops

From the combination of the greek words Poseidon (god of seas) and hippos (horse), comes the name Poseidipos that designates the mascot of the Museum...

Schools and Families

With the arrival of each new school year the Archaeological Museum of São Miguel de Odrinhas offers a new program of learning activities connected to its exhibition.

What the objects tell...

We will discover and understand the route of the objects since their archaeological discovery until ending up on display in the Museum. And there is so much to tell!...

Bring sculptures to life: discovering the colours of Antiquity
Children Workshops

Did you know that in Classical Antiquity statues and monuments were painted?

My favourite object

After visiting the Museum, the participants are invited to choose a piece they fancy, to draw it and to build a narrative around it...

LITTERARUM DUCTUS – to write as the Romans did...
Children Workshops

After seeing some of the monuments in exhibition at the Museum, with Latin inscriptions of a funerary and religious nature, the visitors are introduced to the writing rules of Classical Antiquity...

LUDUS AETATIS – the pleasures of childhood: games and toys
Children Workshops

Learn while you play! In this activity, planned for the youngest, it is intended to perceive similarities and differences between the present and the past through the participation in ancient children games...

LUDI CEREALES - Come decorate eggs to Ceres!
Children Workshops

Let's find out a bit of the history and curiosities associated with one of the main holidays of the year - Easter.

Birthday parties
Bring your friends to the Museum!

Come commemorate the present and learn about the past! Bring your friends to the Archaeological Museum of São Miguel de Odrinhas so that you all find out a bit more about History and Archaeology while you have fun!...

OPERA MUSIVA - To compose piece by piece: the art of mosaic
Children Workshops

After visiting the ruins of the Roman villa of São Miguel de Odrinhas, participants will make their own mosaic using the models and techniques of Antiquity.

PROSOPON – a personal touch to your theatre mask!
Children Workshops

In this activity participants are challenged, choosing one of two models of classical inspiration, to personalize their mask with pigments and decorative elements similar to the ones utilized at the time, in a stimulus to creativity and imagination...

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